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Even though these safety tips are here for informational value, several may be written to entice discussion. It is up to the reader to look at these entries and determine what works for them in their own lives. But most of all to remember, DON'T BE A VICTIM! If you are here reading this, then that tells me and you that you are looking for ways to educate yourself, and promote a safer environment in your life, and your family's life.  The stories that are placed here are all factual. Keep in mind that sometimes the stories will deal with serious issues, and may be presented as first hand accounts.

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Missing Woman From Oklahoma

Posted by Johnny Joe James on February 24, 2017 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (1)

Michelle Lynne Bandy Gibson has been missing since December 5, 2016. Her last known location was Oklahoma City. She has ties to several states, and may have experience living as a survivalist or prepper. She may be travelling with a significant other who is a male. Her last work history was in a hospital in Oklahoma City. She's well known in Alaska working with Habitat for Humanity and is involved with the Kiwani's. Let's work together to get this woman back in contact with her family, and/or bring her home to Oklahoma.

Thank you for your help,

Johnny Joe James - Owner

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Former State Senator Resigns as City Attorney

Posted by Johnny Joe James on August 2, 2016 at 12:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Senator Richard Lerblance, OK

HARTSHORNE - An attorney formerly working for the city of Hartshorne wrote in a resignation letter to city council members that he believed city leadership broke an open meeting law during the June 13 regular council meeting. Further, Hartshorne-based attorney Richard C. Lerblance accused city leadership of adding a vote into minutes that did not actually take place and accused Mayor Carolyn Trueblood of suspending him as city attorney after he brought the issues to her attention.

"I feel that my legal advice has been challenged, that I was given notice of suspension for not going along with the administration's practice of doing what it wants to do in every circumstance and for calling out a serious violation of the state statutes as it relates to the city of Hartshorne," Lerblance wrote in one of the letters obtained by the News-Capital.

The attorney declined to comment when reached by the newspaper. Trueblood said letters Lerblance wrote to city officials will be discussed during a closed executive session at the regular city council meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 8. She said the city has always followed the law.  "You may call OML (the Oklahoma Municipal League) and get that acknowledged," Trueblood said. "We are fine. We are A-OK; we did everything proper. OML will tell you the same thing." The News-Capital contacted the OML and was told no one could talk to media until spokesperson Nancee Morris returned to the office on Wednesday.

Letter to the mayor - Lerblance, who is the former District 7 state senator, was hired by former Hartshorne Mayor Caleb Woten and had worked as the city attorney for about a year before he abruptly resigned last week. In a letter dated July 12 and addressed to Trueblood, Lerblance said he contacted Trueblood after the June 13 city council meeting regarding the need to pass a budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year before June 24.  "If you will remember that I called you on the phone after the June 13 city council meeting regarding the budget for the next fiscal year," Leblance wrote. "I asked when the council was going to pass the budget and you said it would be at the next council meeting." However, he said in the letter to Trueblood that he found a discrepancy while reviewing the minutes that were approved by the council at the July 11 council meeting.


"I read the minutes of the June 13 council meeting and item 7 in the June 13, 2016 minutes stated: "Motion was made by Destiny French, seconded by Teresa Farris to approve the 2014-2015 audit and budget. Roll call 7 ayes Tom Larsen, Destiny French, John Beauchamp, John Grove, Teresa Farris, Eddie Kelly, and Leon Mace. 1 Nathan Sparks." Sparks was not at the meeting, according to the meeting minutes recorded by the city of Hartshorne.  "There was not an item 7 on the agenda of the June 13, 2016, city of Hartshorne council meeting that called for council discussion and action to approve the audit and budget," Lerblance's letter continued. "Furthermore, the minutes approved last night stated that the 2014-2015 audit and budget was approved. That is incorrect in that the budget that should be approved would be the budget for 2016-2017." He called the supposed vote a "violation of the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act."

"It is obvious that the 2016-2017 budget approval was not posted on the agenda for the June 13, 2016, meeting, then the minutes of the June 13, 2016, meeting were changed to reflect that the budget was in fact voted on and passed in clear violation of the OMA (Opening Meeting Act) at the June 13 meeting," Leblance wrote. "I cannot condone the fact that after I brought this to your attention, that whoever prepared the minutes of the June 13, 2016, meeting actually included that a public vote was taken by the city council and passed the budget, even passing a budget that was for the wrong fiscal year. Based upon the actions that have taken place, it is my opinion that the budget for fiscal year 2016-2017 has not passed, that the minutes reflect an action that did not happen and that appropriate action shall be taken," Leblance wrote.

A review of the agenda for the June 13 meeting does not list plans for an audit or budget to be discussed or voted on. Hartshorne City Clerk Dawn Dunkin said the vote was taken during the "New Business" portion of the council meeting. New business during a council meeting is reserved for items that could not be foreseen a day prior to the scheduled meeting, according to Oklahoma law. Mayor Trueblood told the newspaper when asked that the vote did take place. She said the city did the right thing by voting for the budget and audit under new business because officials had no way of knowing when they were going to be able to pass the budget.

"We didn't know that our auditor for the city was coming," Trueblood said. "We needed to pass it. We would have been delinquent. We didn't have a budget to pass until the day of the meeting," Trueblood said. "We didn't even have it in our hands."

Suspension and resignation - Leblance wrote a second letter dated July 25 and addressed it to all of the city council members and to Trueblood. In it, he resigned as city attorney. He said prior to his resignation, he was suspended by Trueblood. The city attorney works at the pleasure of the mayor in Hartshorne. Leblance wrote in the letter he was told by Trueblood that he was being suspended for bringing up his concerns about the budget.  "I immediately called city hall to talk to the mayor as to the reason and purpose of the suspension letter," Leblance wrote. Her response was, "The way you talked to us last Monday, telling us that the city could not spend any money."

Leblance said because he felt the city failed to pass a budget, he contacted several agencies including the OML and the Oklahoma Auditor and Inspector's office to see what the city should do next. He said they told him it was important for the city to not spend any additional money.  "This motion and vote did not take place at the June meeting as reflected in the minutes," Leblance wrote about passing a budget. "I refer you to my letter dated July 12, 2016, regarding the failure to have an item listed on the agenda to be voted on by the council."

Leblance said he took his job as city attorney seriously.  "I will not continue to serve as the city attorney for the city of Hartshorne under suspension until the next city council meeting," Leblance wrote. "I have lived in Hartshorne my entire life, came back to Hartshorne when I graduated from Law School and opened my practice of law to serve the people of Hartshorne and surrounding area. I have practiced law in Hartshorne for 37 years and it is an embarrassment to me personally and professionally to be suspended as the city of Hartshorne attorney for giving legal advice that I was hired to do."

This story is from the pages of the McAlester News Capitol, located in McAlester, OK

Parker Perry was the reporter for this story. He can be contacted at [email protected] 

100 Things a Private Investigator Can Do

Posted by Johnny Joe James on August 1, 2016 at 1:35 AM Comments comments (2)

Find a current address

Find historical addresses

Find a date of birth

Identify known aliases

Identify and/or confirm a Social Security number

Locate birth records

Locate death records

Locate marriage records

Locate divorce filings

Dig through someone’s trash

Locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding

Research current and / or historical property holdings

Identify mortgage information

Identify secured lenders

Identify related party property transactions

Determine current market value of real property

Locate bankruptcy filings

Retrieve and analyze bankruptcy records

Uncover improper relationships

Locate federal civil lawsuits

Locate federal criminal records

Retrieve and analyze federal civil and criminal records

Retrieve mug shots from arrest records

Provide independent analysis

Locate state and local criminal arrest records

Retrieve and analyze review criminal records

Provide peace of mind

Locate home phone numbers

Locate cell phone numbers

Identify owner of home or cell phone number

Determine owners of corporation

Retrieve and analyze corporate records

Locate current or former executives

Interview current or former executives

Find and retrieve judgment and lien filings

Research familial history

Connect the dots

Locate witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit

Interview witnesses for a civil or criminal lawsuit

Find assets

Find current or historical boat registrations

Find current or historical aircraft registrations

Search for hidden assets

Conduct business intelligence

Discreet intelligence gathering

Determine connections between parties

Locate bank account information

Locate current or former employees of a company

Interview current or former employees of a company

Locate significant inheritances

Show you the big picture

Identify a will for an estate

Locate probate records

Identify foreign assets

Locate regulatory records

Identify regulatory actions

Identify professional licenses

Determine prior disciplinary records for professional licenses

Analyze state and federal political contributions

Analyze state lobbyist records

Analyze federal lobbyist records

Identify potential whistleblowers

Vet expert witnesses

Interview industry sources

Gather competitive intelligence

Identify related party business transactions

Retrieve and analyze non-profit financial filings

Knock on doors

Obtain and analyze Department of Labor Form 5500 Filings

Submit FOIA / FOIL requests to government agencies

Obtain driving record history (in applicable states)

Find current vehicle registrations

Find historical vehicle registrations

Make you look brilliant

Determine current market value of motor vehicles

Assist with jury selection

Background checks on prospective jurors

Analyze documents for potential fraud

Identify Risks

Identifying corporate relationships

Give you a competitive advantage

Identify Uniform Commercial Code filings

Foreign corporation research

Help you manage sensitive situations

Overseas litigation research

Identify stock ownership

Find facts

Locate online resume

Identify online networking profiles

Locate historical video or news footage

Conduct historical newspaper research

Conduct mobile or stationary surveillance

Perform clandestine operations

Find undisclosed ties

Identify and retrieve U.S. Tax Court cases

Locate a missing person

Identify and confirm education history

Identify and confirm previous employment history

Scour the Internet

Research presence on social networks or message boards

The New Book

Posted by Johnny Joe James on June 27, 2016 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Taking time away from being the private investigator and turning toward reworking and updating my book. Just to let you know, it's about infidelity. It not only deals with the technical side of things, but it will have some true life accounts in its pages. I'm also looking at it from a point in which a person can take from the book and regain their empowerment. Though I'm writing it for anyone to be able to read, it's being geared toward women and the empowerment they may have lost in the past so they may be able to have it once again.

What Not To Do As A Bounty Hunter

Posted by Johnny Joe James on April 25, 2014 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This took place in December of 2011. I want to stress that if you ever do any work as a Bounty Hunter, please understand all of the laws concerning fugitive recovery in your state. The persons below had a very skewed perception of the rights and laws of that of a Bounty Hunter, and even in 2014, the lead person in the story is still paying the price.


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Remember, Don't let this happen to you.

Who Are The Aldean Defenders?

Posted by Johnny Joe James on July 19, 2013 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

When we first came into contact with the fake Jason Aldean profiles, we were duped. We believed what everyone else did. The numerous fake Jason Aldean profiles had started saying that Jason was dating someone in Washington, they said that his wife had thrown him down the stairs etc. After a while, I started realizing that maybe none of it was true. When I had the opportunity to meet Jason at CMA Fest 2012, I knew. Those profiles weren’t real. The people behind them weren’t any association to Jason at all. When they created profiles under his wife’s name and under the name of one of his daughters, we all realized they’d gone too far. That’s when we started this quest.

Two years ago, I met someone else who’d had the same experience, and had been watching the fakes for over a year. I started trying to find ways of getting the word out. We banded together and brought anyone who was affected into the circle. Some people just stopped paying attention, but we were determined. When we met a private investigator named Johnny James, he was doing an investigation as well. The fakes had gone even further. Fans had sent gifts in thinking that the items were going to Jason Aldean for signatures, and others had sent gifts to Jason but instead these items and gifts were being directed to an address on the other side of the country to a person believed by the fans to be a sibling to the country music star, but instead, is one of the people responsible for the fake profiles. The items were never signed and returned, and hearts were broken. That’s when we decided that hunting these people down wasn’t enough. We became a team dedicated to finding out and putting a stop to who was responsible for the Jason Aldean profiles. When we got the name, we forwarded the information to the management company for Jason Aldean. We’d thought it had fallen on deaf ears. Fact was, the profile addresses weren’t enough. We needed the names of the players.

I got in contact with that person who can make a difference. I spoke with the lawyer involved with Spalding Entertainment. After a long discussion of me explaining what we’d found and the history of our team, he was shocked at the work we’d done. “You managed to uncover all of that? That must be one heck of a team,” was one comment. I told him what we were trying to do. He assured me that when we do find out who’s responsible, he will be putting a stop to it. There will be a lot less fake profiles to worry about. At least that’s the hope. The fight might never be over completely, but because of the work of our amazing team, we are one step closer to putting an end to the Jason Aldean segment of the battle. If anyone has contacted these people and been given information or an address, please forward it in to [email protected] so we can get the info to the lawyer. If you have proof that items were sent and never given to them, send it. The more evidence we have the better.

We started out a small team, and we will only get stronger. From Johnny and myself, thank you for your hard work and your dedication to the truth. From the lawyer…. “Thank you for helping to put an end to this. I don’t know how you’re doing it, but thank you for helping to defend these people.” We’ll be defending until we don’t need to anymore. Thank you for being part of the team.


Written by: Sue Langford - Co-Founder of Aldean Defenders


Synopses: Skip Tracing

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

There are some companies that offer a service which is known as skip tracing. This service is offered in the hope of getting the best possible result for their clients. You may be reading this asking what skip tracing actually is. With an increasing number of people that move from place to place in the hope of avoiding paying debts, it is a method that companies can use in order to find those people who owe them money for products or services.


Many debtors use loopholes in order to get their credit to look better than what it actually is. These loopholes are things on the credit application that they leave blank or use old information. This is done in an attempt to stop the creditor from tracing them when they start to miss payments. This false information gives the creditor a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting their money back.


An increasing number of creditors that are finding that about thirty per cent of their invoices are being sent to addresses where the person has moved without forwarding addresses. A lot of debtors will also change their telephone number in an attempt to hide from the creditor.


Skip tracing is a very important service for a creditor as it is the best chance that they have of getting their money or property back. Some of the things that skip tracing can uncover is the true address and phone number of the debtor.


All of this information can be useful to some extent. Creditors need to remember that a debtor can only be served a lawsuit if he, she, or they can be found by the attorney.

Insight: Not Your Grandpa's P.I.

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Today’s private investigator does much more than tracking down the missing husband of melodramatic femme fatales. These days, the clients that utilize their services extend to large corporations, lawyers, banks and politicians. A number of PI's are taking to specializing in certain areas and only take those particular types of cases.


A growing section within the field of Private Investigations is the cyber-PI. These investigators are hired to track down cyber-criminals and hackers. Other areas of specialization include loss-prevention specialists, such as hired by hotels and casinos, fraudulent work-claim specialists and marital infidelity investigators.


Additionally, many contemporary PIs work just as much from their desks obtaining records online, making phone calls and researching the target as they do in the field taking surveillance and questioning contacts. But that's not to say that all aspects of a PI's work have changed. Most PIs eventually find themselves using classic surveillance techniques such as following targets and taking photographs to obtain information outside the realm of Google.

Predicted Growth in Investigation/Security Fields

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The private security industry is one sector of the economy that is projected to benefit from both perception and reality. Private security is projected to grow more than 6 percent in 2012 – the largest increase in nine years, according to a 2010 IBIS World Industry Report on Security Services in the U.S. The same report shows that businesses are reevaluating where their recovered dollars should be spent and investing in better security. Although the overall mood in the United States is still sour due to the perceived state of the economy, according to 55 percent of responders to a recent Pew Research Center study, another source shows that businesses are actually beginning to rebound from the 2007-2009 recession.


According to the IBIS research, between 2010 and 2015, companies will increase their security budgets as business sentiment improves and more funds become available. Many businesses will increase the number of contracted security staff, as well as the number of hours that guards are on duty. The rise in demand is projected to cause industry revenue to increase by 4.9 percent per year to $32.85 billion at the end of 2015.


Although we have this projected estimation, it depends on both perception and reality of the economy. The Pew study shows that Americans consider the economy in an even worse position than in 2008, when the nation was in the middle of the recession. At that time, only 34 percent of Americans saw the country’s economic future as bleak. Today, that number is up to 55 percent. This negative perception also drives the security business, causing Americans to take extra precautions against crimes of opportunity – those that are committed when people grow desperate as a result of their jobless, financial situation.


Another factor driving the security industry’s projected growth is the reduction of government jobs. According to the February jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one-fifth of the industries with the largest projected wage and salary employment declines are government agencies or municipalities. Existing public safety personnel, including local law enforcement, will go on the chopping block – leading to outsourcing.


In late February 2012, a government-owned and operated electricity company in Tennessee laid off 61 percent of its uniformed police officers and replaced them with enhanced security technology and more contract security guards at its critical non-nuclear energy sites. This is just one example of public budgets feeling the squeeze and opening the door for private security, which generally provides more affordable protection than traditional law enforcement – with the added benefit of keeping the reduced number of traditional law enforcement officers on the streets, patrolling areas that are more impacted by serious crime.

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)



In what could be most popular reason to use investigators is to get evidence of infidelity or catch an unfaithful spouse. Many cases, a person may want reassurance that his or her spouse is not cheating on them. Perhaps the suspicion of cheating is actually unfounded, or possibly the evidence might point in the other direction. A private investigator will discover the truth. There are many techniques that private investigators use to determine what the spouse is really doing. The precise techniques used will vary considerably from situation to situation. However, the investigators will find the truth for the client regarding any infidelity.




It can be tough to find a missing person, especially if it's an adult. Many adults will disappear for days without actually trying to disappear. That is why police will not take a missing person's case for an adult for a few days. That delay is often critical in finding out what really happened since memories fade during the first couple of days.


Using private investigators, it's possible to react much faster when something bad might have happened to an adult. Even if time has gone by, a private investigator will generally be more thorough with the case, especially taking into consideration the budget cuts that have already taken place in many police departments.




Another popular reason for individuals or companies to hire investigators is to do a more thorough background check for a person. Unfortunately, people do lie on their applications. Some people might have unsavory areas of their personal life which would be embarrassing if it ever got public. With investigators doing the check, it's possible to ensure that the individual being considered doesn’t have anything that would look bad. Drug use, criminal activities, alcoholism, or other undesirable activities aren’t things that can be found with a traditional background check that's verified by phone calls.

Case Files: Massage Therapy

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I had been doing investigations for about fourteen years before I was presented with a unique opportunity on a possible adultery case. I was at home when my boss called me and asked me to speak to a man who suspected that his spouse was cheating on him at her place of business.


I met with him and obtained a picture of his wife, his wife’s work schedule and location. We discussed my rates and retainer. He was really concerned about his spouse cheating on him because of the kind of work she did. She was a masseuse at a Chinese massage parlor.


A couple of days later I made my first appearance at the massage parlor and I was pleasantly surprised that she was the one who greeted me and guided me to a room for a massage. She instructed me to disrobe and lay down with a towel over the mid-section of my body. She turned some soft music on, dimmed the lights and left the room.


For a moment, I wasn’t sure she was going to be the one that came back; however, she was. She was a very beautiful woman and gave a very nice massage. Her English wasn’t that great, but she understood me and I understood her fairly well. She appreciated her tip and gave me her information after I asked if she took requests.


During the following five weeks, I made two appointments a week. Every appointment seemed to me more erotic and sensual; I’m not sure, but I think I was really beginning to enjoy my visits with her. None-the-less, it didn’t matter how much I tipped her, or whether or not I tipped her before or after the massages. The highest tip I gave her was a hundred dollars; I gave her a hundred dollar tip on three occasions.


I felt like I was getting to know her pretty well because she did speak about her personal life on every visit; as did I. On my last visit with her I asked her if she was attracted to me at all. She replied kindly, yet she reminded me she was married. After all that time, exchange of money and sensuality, I knew that I wasn’t going to close the deal with any happy endings.


I asked her why such a beautiful married woman was willing to work in a massage parlor? She informed me she was going to college to learn American customs better and that she hoped that her husband would teach her to drive soon so that she could start working in a Chinese restaurant or retail.


All in all, I could not prove that she was having any kind of affair at work with any co-workers or clientele. However, I knew I certainly gave it a valiant effort. I contacted her husband and informed him that he should really communicate with his wife better because she didn’t really want to work there and that she just felt like she had to because that’s where he was taking her. I forgot to ask if she had any single sisters. LOL.


Bryan L., OK

Case Files: 63 Cans of Beer

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (0)

I worked a case that involved a legal Mexican who invited a lady from Mexico to the states to be his spouse. About a year after they were married, they had a beautiful baby girl. However, during their brief marriage and during his wife’s pregnancy, she became more aware of his alcoholism and anger issues related to the alcoholism.


 Four months after the baby was born, the couple separated. She continued to let him see his daughter on a standard visitation schedule; however, the alcoholism and related anger issues continued to be a concern for her. Since she was not used to American customs, she continued giving this man his daughter for visitation but she spent every other weekend worrying that he could not actually care for an infant and that he was drinking in the presence of the baby. Even though he lived nearly 70 miles away from her, I placed his residence under mild surveillance based on my routine work schedule and my own visitation schedule with my little ones. However, it didn’t take too long to confirm her concerns.


During my first few mornings watching his residence, I was able to confirm the work schedule and location of the job that he was on. After I established his work schedule, I contacted the realtor that was selling his house. I posed as an interested buyer and had an opportunity to go inside and photograph his entire house. In the process, I noticed beer cans in the trash can. Therefore, I knew a weekly trash run was warranted.


That particular week was his week without the child and yes, there were plenty of beer cans within the trash. I met with the baby’s mother and confirmed my presence in the town that he lived in. She told me where he typically bought his beer and cigarettes and we discussed some of his routine habits.


State law prohibits taking someone’s trash until it is placed at the curb; then it is up for grabs. I then confirmed with the baby’s mother what day the trash was set out and I followed that up by contacting the trash service and pretending that I was house sitting for a friend on the next block over. The trash service also confirmed the day that the trash was set out. The trash day was Monday morning.


I waited for a Friday that the baby’s father was going to pick the baby up from a neutral location near the mother’s residence. I followed the baby’s father home. He didn’t go straight home. He went to eat and then hit the highway. When he got to the town he lived in I had an opportunity to video and photograph him taking pictures of the purchase of beer and cigarettes at the drive through window of the store that his soon-to-be ex-spouse told me he purchased his beer. I then followed him home where he unloaded the baby and his purchase and went inside. There was no more need for me to stay in that town; I knew Monday morning’s trash run would be a success.


 On Monday morning, I parked around the corner from his residence and when he left for work, I turned on my video camera and took photographs of the trash can as I approached it. I loaded the trash in my truck and then I went to a nearby car wash where I opened the trash. In all, there were 63 cans of beer in the trash…with dirty baby diapers, typical household trash and baby supplies.


Each bag was photographed (with date/time stamps). Overall, the next court hearing was reasonable. The father was ordered to get counseling for the alcoholism and for his efforts to control his drinking, he would still be able to see his child. The mother was relieved.


This is one more example of evidence in the trash that could have easily been overlooked. Note, any time you pull the trash, be sure to photograph its location and any numbers that are on the can. I didn’t have any problem with this because there was no question about whose can I took trash from.

Bryan L., OK

Affordable Ways to Protect Your Home

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Given the cost of living in today’s society, it’s becoming harder to secure your assets in your home and on your property. Home invasion is a scary thought, especially while you’re there as it’s happening. Security systems have been around for years; however, with some you will incur expenses. Being able to protect your belongings shouldn’t cost a fortune. Here are a few ways that you can secure your home and property in an affordable way.


Purchase a Self Monitoring Surveillance System:


There is a wide array of choices if you are going to use this type of security. Some of the items you can install are cameras, motion sensors, illuminators, and so on. The benefit to this type of system is there is not a monthly charge that is incurred. You the homeowner are able to monitor your property remotely via your Smartphone or any internet access point.




Auto-Dialers can be used as a stand-alone system or as backup to the self monitoring system. This item is used for inside monitoring and uses motion activation technology. If a robber has entered the home, the motion sensor activates and then sends a silent telephone call to a number that is pre-programmed by the user. This will allow the listener to hear what is taking place for a limited time. Each time the sensor is activated, the Auto-Dialer will continue to place the call until the action has ceased. This can give the homeowner time to contact local authorities to make contact with how might be at your home.


Use of your vehicle’s alarm:


This would be the most affordable means of protection if you are unable to commit to a fee based service, or purchase the types of products mentioned in this story. If you are in the home and suddenly hear someone attempting to break in, simply set off the panic alarm in your vehicle. The alarm is built with a 120 decibel siren and is capable of awakening neighbors close to you while also scaring off the person trying to enter your home.


For more information on self monitoring systems, go to our webstore at

Be a Team with Your Mate

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The lyrics, “In the daily rush of things, if we stop to think it seems, we never have time enough”, come from the song “Let’s Take the Long Way Around the World” by Ronnie Milsap. As timeless as this song is, the subject matter still rings true today in couple’s lives. Whether you are married or dating, the importance of nurturing and building your relationship with your partner is key. Strive to make those special dates, even if it means you might miss a football game or if you don’t get to have a night out with friends.


Learn exactly what your significant other is saying to you ultimately. That is their language of love to you.


Work as a team. Just as you are cohesive with your coworkers or teammates in a game, the relationship is you and your mate’s business in the game of love. Everything matters to you in your business life from getting your accounts straight, or filing the right paperwork, so you should strive to excel in your personal life as well. As insignificant as it sounds, doing the mundane chores around the house together, especially some of the larger projects, help to hone each other’s skills in working and communicating with each other.


Be forthcoming with your feelings to your mate. It’s not a sign of weakness to let your partner know each day exactly how you feel about them. Even if you see someone who is quite attractive from afar doesn’t mean that your feelings have lessened for your mate. Always remember to guard your heart, as each of you has given the other a piece of yourself.


Be one with yourself so that you can be more fulfilling to your partner. It’s difficult at times to have the time you need to fix flaws within yourself that truly matter in a relationship setting. This can be as easy as simply making sure you eat right, generally take care of yourself, and always making each day exciting in one way or another.


There are many more hints to a fuller relationship and to help prevent infidelity. The best advice that I can give is: Be best friends before lovers, trust one another, cherish and treasure each moment, and choose instead of settling.

Recent News In Double Murder In Weleetka, Oklahoma

Posted by Johnny Joe James on December 14, 2011 at 5:25 PM Comments comments (0)



A suspect has been named for the 2008 murder of 2 girls in Weleetka, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations announced Friday.

Kevin Sweat, 25, was identified as the alleged gunman in the murder of Taylor Placker and Skyla Whitaker.

The Okfuskee County District Attorney filed first-degree murder charges against Sweat Friday afternoon.

OSBI Director Stan Florence said ...his agency conducted over 650 interviews, followed up on over 900 leads, collected 800 pieces of evidence, and performed 19,000 forensic tests during the course of the investigation.

According to court documents, Sweat said that on June 8, 2008, during the afternoon, he was driving his black Chevrolet Cavalier car on North 3890 Road in Okfuskee County. Sweat then pulled over on the side of the road and saw “two monsters” come at him. Sweat then “panicked” and grabbed a gun from the glove box and “shot the monsters” with a .22 caliber gun. Sweat then got into his car and left.

Sweat was arrested and charged earlier this year for the murder of his girlfriend, Ashley Taylor, in Okmulgee.

According to Florence, one of two weapons used in the murder was a .40 Glock model 22 with serial number EKG463US, which Sweat may have tried to sell at a gun show in Tulsa this March. The OSBI is offering up to a $5,000 reward for that firearm.

Investigators said they believe Sweat is the only suspect at this time.

The Okfuskee County District Attorney's Office will seek the death penalty in the case.

New Era in Prostitution?

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OKC, OK — Prostitution isn’t called “the world’s oldest profession” because those who participate in it are unsavvy when it comes to preserving their way of making a buck -- but now it seems the physical buck itself is being removed from the equation altogether. Escorts and now street walkers have found that there is apparently an app for everything…. including prostitution.


Its called ‘Square‘, and it allows anyone to accept credit card payments for anything via their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


Square uses a combination of an app and a dongle (optional) to allow a merchant (or in this case a hooker or pimp) to physically swipe a customer’s (aka, John’s) credit card and thus accept payment for services rendered without the need to carry cash. And, if the customer/John doesn’t have the credit card physically on them, the merchant/pimp/hooker can manually enter the information for added convenience (“isn’t that special” [in your best Church Lady voice]).


This isn’t the first time technology has been embraced to promote prostitution. Pimps and prostitutes have been flocking to the Internet to create their own websites or place classified ads for many years. When PayPal opened their virtual shop, some of their first customers were undoubtedly those working or forced into the sex industry.


In recent years though PayPal has begun cracking down when it finds its very recognizable pay now buttons on websites promoting prostitution and/or pornography, by closing those accounts and even temporarily freezing the assets within.


Regardless, PayPal was not an attractive solution for street prostitutes who have long ignored payment by plastic because they find whipping out a credit card terminal or Internet enabled laptop to be a bit of a mood killer.


Well, it seems technology to the rescue once again. There is no longer a need to place a traceable button on a website or strap a terminal to your fishnets when all you need is a small plastic square plugged into your iDevice. With a flick of the wrist the procurement of a prostitute has been reduced to the simplicity of buying a pack of gum.


Locally’s Brian Bates, aka the Video Vigilante, has only encountered one street prostitute who is using the Square device. She goes by the name “Melissa” (she claims stage names like ‘Sparkle’ and ‘Diamond’ are too trashy) and is traveling through Oklahoma on her way back to California. Melissa says she has been using Square for about 8 months and finds she can charge her Johns more than if they were paying cash and doesn’t have to worry about getting robbed or police seizing her money. Melissa claims devices such as Square are commonly used by escorts in California and even by drug dealers.


“These guys will spend more when its on a credit card and many use their company cards to pay for it,” Melissa told Bates. She said she uses a generic sounding company name tied to a commercial checking account. Melissa claims her average rate for sexual services is $200 and she only has to pay Square about $6 of that.


Melissa also claims that while she doesn’t do this, that many girls will use their Square to swipe and charge the credit cards taken out of Johns wallets while they sleep or shower. “As long as you don’t get greedy and keep it around $500 they just pay it when the bill arrives. Its not like they gonna call police and tell them a hooker overcharged them,” Melissa said. did some online research on this topic and found proof credit cards and PayPal have indeed been linked to prostitution, however, Square seems so new that most of the evidence against them was anecdotal. is credited with this story, please check out his site.

The True Nature Of The Call

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As this particular page is designated for safety tips, I still felt that this story should be posted, so much so, that this piece is the reason that I have changed the name of the page to "Safety tips and Stories". In a way, it still deals with a safety issue. The safety that I am talking about is the need to feel safe not only in your own backyard, but with the people around you as well. As you read this story, you will understand that even your closest friends can sometimes not be trusted, and you are constantly looking over your shoulder wondering who is behind you. The only thing to remember though is that safety tips and concerns are found in all aspects of life. This is a true story....


About a month ago (September 2011) I got a call from a man who said he had found my name through the FRN (Fugitive Recovery Network) and was wanting information about becoming a bounty hunter. Through this story I will refer to this man as "VT".  As I talked to VT, I was told that he lived in another state other than Oklahoma, and I informed him that as I would be willing to give him the basics of what is entailed, he must look at his states requirements for the licensing, or any and all other certifications.


As we talked, I noticed as I answered specific questions about my line of work, he would get stumbled and say "there's just no getting away from you". I would tell him "No", as I am very professional and do my job to it's fullest degree. We talked some more and I noticed in his speech that certain "flags" were popping up. At the end of our conversation, I told him that I would be happy to answer his questions and get him on the right track, but I wanted his name so that I could remember who he was as I get several calls a week about the same thing. VT gave me the name of "Mike Maravelli" and stated that he was from San Francisco.


After the conversation, I went back to my office and ran the name and location. Not Surprisingly, the name did not exist.


About a week and a half later VT called me again. Since I was familiar with the way that he talked, and the line of questioning that I was given about the fugitive recovery business, I knew who it was and played along to see what other "flags" could pop up. As VT asked specific questions on how I transport subjects to justice, I told him all of the procedures that I follow to insure that the subject is not only unable to get away once captured, but also how I make sure that the subject doesn't feel unjustly treated.


Once again, as the conversation continued, VT would say "there's just no getting away from you".


The following week, VT called once again. It was in the evening here and I was at home, working on the company webpage. I spoke with him in greater detail this time as I had several "flags" from our previous conversations. His questions were far more detailed and his line of questioning had switched some from fugitive recovery and fell into private investigations, more or less.


As we talked, he asked about basic skip tracing. I told him that I was pretty good at it and would be more than happy to show him that I can do a simple check and locate him. Since I had him on the phone with me, I asked him for his real name and I would use the cellphone number that he was calling me from. I then told him that I knew that he had given me a fake name before from our first conversation and that since we had a rapport with each other, it was time to be honest. VT gave me his name and since I already had the cell number I ran them only to find another "flag". The name that he was giving me was that of a female, and I knew positively that I was talking to a man.


Without VT knowing, I went on to run a check on the number and located it in Northern California instead of the San Francisco area that he had claimed in the first phone call.


VT was silent for a moment. After a minute he said "I didn't think that you could find something that fast!". I gave him the town and the address of the phone number listing. VT was still quite silent and then said again "there's just no getting away from you". After the last time he said this, I asked him how long he had been on the run. VT told me that he had been on the run for about five months now. I asked him to give me his bail bondsman's information and that I would assist him in coming back to Oklahoma and be brought to justice.


VT then stated to me that his crime wasn't in Oklahoma. I asked him what state his crime was out of, and he replied "Missouri".


I could tell that through the conversations that we had that he was looking for answers, and that the best way to get the answers he was looking for was to keep talking to me. I'm all for getting the bad guys off of the street, but this particular instance was very different. Usually how things go for bounty hunters is either we go to the bondsman for the job, or the bondsman will come to us. This was the fugitive coming to me!


As we talked, I was able to keep VT calm about what would happen when he gave me his bondsman's information. He then talked about running and I told him that should he run, he would always be looking over his shoulder. I told him that no matter what, me or another hunter would be on his tail should he run either to another town or another state, and that was no way to live a life. After about an hour or so of talking, he told me that he would give me the name of the bondsman but he needed a few minutes to locate the paperwork. I told him that was fine but he needed to locate it quickly so that I could get the ball rolling on the Missouri side of this case.


Shortly after this phone conversation I started to get text messages from VT saying that he WASN'T going to be put in my chains and cuffs as he would just run from me and my team members. I wasn't inclined to play this game and simply told him that no matter what, as long as I had the authority to do so, I would be coming to bring him to justice. He then called me back and his tone came back to what it had been in the previous conversation. I told VT that there is a lot better life in store for him by just coming back to justice and just do the time that he was ordered.


He began to ask again on how he would be treated by me and my team once he was in my custody. I told him that he would be treated with dignity and that he wouldn't feel unjustly treated. I continued to let him know that this would be the best course of action and after his time was up, he could lead a normal life not having to constantly look over his shoulder. VT would ask me about the vehicle that would be used, the cuffs, the leg irons, the belly chains, and every other thing that would or could be used. I told him that he would be secured from escape, but he would be able to be comfortable enough for the trip back to Missouri.


As I continued to talk with him, I got him to give me more information on his case. It took several conversations back and forth but he finally gave me a town in Missouri. I then started to set things in motion at a rapid pace. I contacted the local police department in the town and gave them the information that I had. When the information was plugged into the database, both the officer and I were shocked. It came back a woman! I then looked up the name the officer gave me and I found a woman matching some of the information that VT had given me. I could tell then that the "cat and mouse" game was in full swing!


The next day, I decided to up the ante for VT. I contacted the State of California about what was going on and was allowed authorization to come and take VT into custody providing I had the warrant from the bondsman. I then pulled up the picture of the woman that matched the name that VT had given me and sent it to him. He immediately called me once the picture came to his phone. I then told him that I was positive that he had connections to this woman and that he needed to come clean with me about everything and to do the right thing and give me the bondsman's name so that I could get things in place for him to turn himself in. I told him that I wasn't going to give up on him, even though he tried to stall me at every action. I had put a lot of time not only into my investigation, but more importantly, into the person on the other side of the phone.


As time went on, VT and I had several conversations talking about his surrender. VT tried every avenue to get me to forget about him and go on with my other cases. I countered him at every turn with the simple fact that no matter who it is that is looking for him, he would always be looking over his shoulder. Even if the thought is only in his mind, it is something that he could not forget about. Every town that he moves to, every friend that he has made, every phone call that he gets with an unfamiliar area code, he would wonder.


VT finally come to the decision that he couldn't take the pressure anymore. He called me one day asking if I had made a call to one of his aquaintences about him. I told him that I didn't. VT told me that everything that I told him he would be thinking had come true and wanted to know what he had to do to take care of it and be done with it entirely. I simply told him to give me the information that I had been asking for all along, his bondsman's name and number.


I was finally able to get what I needed from VT and put this chapter to rest. I took the name and number and spoke with one of the bondsman in the Missouri office and gave the bondsman the entire story just as you are reading here. I asked the bondsman about VT and his particular case and the bondsman told me that he had been on the run for over a year, and it would be up to the judge to re-activate the case. He was arrested on a drug charge and since he had been on the run for such a length of time, the insurance company paid off on the bond. The bondsman wanted to try and get VT brought to justice if nothing else but for a chance to re-coup some of the money lost on him.


To date, the judge has still not made a decision, and VT is still on the run. Unfortunately for him though, he still wonders about who is lurking behind him, and is having doubts about those closest to him.........


Since those many months of constant and sometimes infrequent communication with VT, he finally broke down and gave me his true identity, and another link to his past. I was able to locate VT under his real name as a former resident of a jail in Oklahoma who has been running for quite some time.


I contacted the Sheriff's Office in the Oklahoma City area about VT and gave them vital information they needed. Since handing over the case to that office in April of 2012, I haven't heard from VT since.


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Working parents - and that's the majority of American families today - share the anxiety, frustration, and even the fear involved in leaving children "on their own" when school lets out, child care arrangements with neighbors and relatives break down, or there simply are not any alternatives.


  • Make sure your children are ready to care for themselves.
  • Teach them basic safety rules.
  • Know where your kids are, what they are doing, and who they are with.


  1. Be trusted to go straight home after school?
  2. Easily use the telephone, locks, and kitchen appliances?
  3. Follow rules and instructions well?
  4. Handle unexpected situations wothout panicking?
  5. Stay home alone without being afraid?

Talk it over with them, and listen to their worries and ideas. Work out rules on having friends over, household chores, homework, and television. Remember, staying at home alone can build a child's self esteem, sense of responsibility, and practical skills.


  1. How to call 9-1-1 or your area's emergency number, or call the operator.
  2. How to give directions to your house in case of an emergency
  3. To check in with you or a trusted neighbor immediately after arriving home.
  4. To never accept gifts or rides from people they don't know well,
  5. How to use the door, windows, locks and the alarm system if you have one.
  6. To never let anyone into the home without asking your permission.
  7. To never let a caller at the door or on the phone know that they are alone.
  8. To carry a house key with them in a safe place (inside a shirt pocket or sock)- do not leave it under a mot or on a ledge.
  9. How to escape in case of fire.
  10. To not go into the house or apartment if things do not look right - a broken window, ripped screen, or opened door.
  11. To let you know about anything that frightens them or makes them feel uncomfortable.


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Charity fraud does a lot of harm. The con artist takes advantage of people's good will and takes their cash - money that was meant for people in need. You can make sure that any money you give gets into the right hands. Just remember these tips when somebody asks you for a donation.

  • Ask for identification - the organization AND the solicitor. Find out what the purpose of the charity is and how funds are used.
  • Ask if the contributions are tax deductible.
  • If you're not satisfied with the answers - don't give.
  • Give to charities you know.
  • Check out the ones you've never heard of before, or others whose names are similar to a well-known charity.
  • Don't fall for high-pressure tactics. If solicitors won't take no for an answer, tell them NO anyway. - BUT DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.
  • Be suspicious of charities that only accept cash.
  • Always send a check made out to the charity and not the individual requesting the donation.


Below you will find two different scenarios that con artists are imfamous for. Take heed as these cons happen every single day across the nation.


A person approaches you and says that he just found a large sum of money. What should he do with it? Maybe his "boss" can suggest something. He then leaves to check with his "boss" and comes back a few minutes later. His boss said to divide the money, but first, each of you must put up some "good faith money". Once you hand over your share, you'll never see it or the con artist again.


A con artist will contact you and tell you he is a bank official or police officer and that he needs your help to catch a dishonest bank teller. All you have to do is withdraw your savings and give the money to him so he can check the serial numbers. IF you do, you have been "stung". A real bank official would NEVER ask you to withdraw your money.

Is it hard to believe that people fall for such trick? con artists may be the greatest actors you'll ever meet. The pigeon drop and the bank examiner schemes are two of the most successful con games around. Don't be fooled.