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Be a Team with Your Mate

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 6:45 PM

The lyrics, “In the daily rush of things, if we stop to think it seems, we never have time enough”, come from the song “Let’s Take the Long Way Around the World” by Ronnie Milsap. As timeless as this song is, the subject matter still rings true today in couple’s lives. Whether you are married or dating, the importance of nurturing and building your relationship with your partner is key. Strive to make those special dates, even if it means you might miss a football game or if you don’t get to have a night out with friends.


Learn exactly what your significant other is saying to you ultimately. That is their language of love to you.


Work as a team. Just as you are cohesive with your coworkers or teammates in a game, the relationship is you and your mate’s business in the game of love. Everything matters to you in your business life from getting your accounts straight, or filing the right paperwork, so you should strive to excel in your personal life as well. As insignificant as it sounds, doing the mundane chores around the house together, especially some of the larger projects, help to hone each other’s skills in working and communicating with each other.


Be forthcoming with your feelings to your mate. It’s not a sign of weakness to let your partner know each day exactly how you feel about them. Even if you see someone who is quite attractive from afar doesn’t mean that your feelings have lessened for your mate. Always remember to guard your heart, as each of you has given the other a piece of yourself.


Be one with yourself so that you can be more fulfilling to your partner. It’s difficult at times to have the time you need to fix flaws within yourself that truly matter in a relationship setting. This can be as easy as simply making sure you eat right, generally take care of yourself, and always making each day exciting in one way or another.


There are many more hints to a fuller relationship and to help prevent infidelity. The best advice that I can give is: Be best friends before lovers, trust one another, cherish and treasure each moment, and choose instead of settling.

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