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Affordable Ways to Protect Your Home

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 6:55 PM

Given the cost of living in today’s society, it’s becoming harder to secure your assets in your home and on your property. Home invasion is a scary thought, especially while you’re there as it’s happening. Security systems have been around for years; however, with some you will incur expenses. Being able to protect your belongings shouldn’t cost a fortune. Here are a few ways that you can secure your home and property in an affordable way.


Purchase a Self Monitoring Surveillance System:


There is a wide array of choices if you are going to use this type of security. Some of the items you can install are cameras, motion sensors, illuminators, and so on. The benefit to this type of system is there is not a monthly charge that is incurred. You the homeowner are able to monitor your property remotely via your Smartphone or any internet access point.




Auto-Dialers can be used as a stand-alone system or as backup to the self monitoring system. This item is used for inside monitoring and uses motion activation technology. If a robber has entered the home, the motion sensor activates and then sends a silent telephone call to a number that is pre-programmed by the user. This will allow the listener to hear what is taking place for a limited time. Each time the sensor is activated, the Auto-Dialer will continue to place the call until the action has ceased. This can give the homeowner time to contact local authorities to make contact with how might be at your home.


Use of your vehicle’s alarm:


This would be the most affordable means of protection if you are unable to commit to a fee based service, or purchase the types of products mentioned in this story. If you are in the home and suddenly hear someone attempting to break in, simply set off the panic alarm in your vehicle. The alarm is built with a 120 decibel siren and is capable of awakening neighbors close to you while also scaring off the person trying to enter your home.


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