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Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:30 PM



In what could be most popular reason to use investigators is to get evidence of infidelity or catch an unfaithful spouse. Many cases, a person may want reassurance that his or her spouse is not cheating on them. Perhaps the suspicion of cheating is actually unfounded, or possibly the evidence might point in the other direction. A private investigator will discover the truth. There are many techniques that private investigators use to determine what the spouse is really doing. The precise techniques used will vary considerably from situation to situation. However, the investigators will find the truth for the client regarding any infidelity.




It can be tough to find a missing person, especially if it's an adult. Many adults will disappear for days without actually trying to disappear. That is why police will not take a missing person's case for an adult for a few days. That delay is often critical in finding out what really happened since memories fade during the first couple of days.


Using private investigators, it's possible to react much faster when something bad might have happened to an adult. Even if time has gone by, a private investigator will generally be more thorough with the case, especially taking into consideration the budget cuts that have already taken place in many police departments.




Another popular reason for individuals or companies to hire investigators is to do a more thorough background check for a person. Unfortunately, people do lie on their applications. Some people might have unsavory areas of their personal life which would be embarrassing if it ever got public. With investigators doing the check, it's possible to ensure that the individual being considered doesn’t have anything that would look bad. Drug use, criminal activities, alcoholism, or other undesirable activities aren’t things that can be found with a traditional background check that's verified by phone calls.

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