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Synopses: Skip Tracing

Posted by Johnny Joe James on May 15, 2013 at 7:45 PM

There are some companies that offer a service which is known as skip tracing. This service is offered in the hope of getting the best possible result for their clients. You may be reading this asking what skip tracing actually is. With an increasing number of people that move from place to place in the hope of avoiding paying debts, it is a method that companies can use in order to find those people who owe them money for products or services.


Many debtors use loopholes in order to get their credit to look better than what it actually is. These loopholes are things on the credit application that they leave blank or use old information. This is done in an attempt to stop the creditor from tracing them when they start to miss payments. This false information gives the creditor a distinct disadvantage when it comes to getting their money back.


An increasing number of creditors that are finding that about thirty per cent of their invoices are being sent to addresses where the person has moved without forwarding addresses. A lot of debtors will also change their telephone number in an attempt to hide from the creditor.


Skip tracing is a very important service for a creditor as it is the best chance that they have of getting their money or property back. Some of the things that skip tracing can uncover is the true address and phone number of the debtor.


All of this information can be useful to some extent. Creditors need to remember that a debtor can only be served a lawsuit if he, she, or they can be found by the attorney.

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